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V.F. Portraits: The Tony Contenders - Kelli O'Hara

The Bridges of Madison County

On nudity in the play: It’s a little awkward after just having a baby—it’s more awkward than normal. I was very conscious [of my body]. I also got out of the bathtub, completely naked, and I get out of it completely naked into a towel. You do that once or twice, but you completely lose yourself in the moment of it. I stopped being self-conscious of it—probably to a fault. When you’re in the bathroom, looking at yourself, judging yourself—what is my body, who am I, how does it make me feel?—you don’t have those insecurities unless somebody’s watching. I really need to be in that place by myself, you try to forget about the audience.

Alex Beggs (2014, June 3). V.F. Portraits: The Tony Contenders. Retrieved from Vanity Fair:



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