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New York Times mentions The Accidental Wolf, Arian Moayed’s thriller starring Kelli O'Hara

Kelli O’Hara in “The Accidental Wolf.” Waterwell Films

If you miss the glory days of “Homeland,” or you wish for a combination of political thriller and bitter-rich-people domestic drama, give the web series “The Accidental Wolf” a try. Kelli O’Hara stars as the unhappily married Katie, who receives a seemingly accidental phone call one night that sounds as if it’s coming from a war zone. She can’t shake the idea that she needs to do something, though of course that “something” becomes a problem unto itself. So far there are five “chapters” of “The Accidental Wolf,” most clocking in around 15 minutes. Pay close attention, as some of the chapters have to be unlocked by answering a question. — Margaret Lyons



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