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7 Things You Should Know About "13 Reasons Why" Season 2 Star Kelli O'Hara

Um... she's a famous opera singer?!

If you're a true 13 Reasons Why stan, then you're dying to know ALL about season two's new characters (you can even read about season 3 info here). Well, get ready to fall in love with Kelli O'Hara. Kelli plays Jackie, a passionate advocate for victims of bullying.

While Kelli is new to the Netflix original series, she's a total acting veteran. Here's everything you need to know about her...

1. Kelli is a Broadway star with 20 years of experience on stage.

That's right. She won a Tony for The King and I in 2015 — she played English teacher and the King's love interest, Anna Leonowens.

2. She's an opera singer.

Kelli can legit do everything, including sing opera! According to Playbill, she studied classical voice and opera for many years. Kelli also appeared in The Merry Widow, which took place at NYC's Metropolitan Opera House.

3. She's didn't always know that she wanted to be an actress.

"I came into school not really knowing what I wanted to do," Kelli told Playbill. "When I went to college to study music, I wanted to go sing and study with Florence Birdwell, who was my teacher, but I didn't know what that would mean. So I went in as a musical theatre major, and she immediately changed me to opera because of the style of my voice. I'm ultimately glad she did that."

4. You might recognize her from TV.

She's appeared in CBS All Access’s The Good Fight.

5. And odds are you remember her from your fave Disney Live Action performance.

Kelli played Mrs. Darling on NBC's rendition of Peter Pan Live! alongside Girlsstar Allison Williams.

6. There's a theater named after her.

The Kelli O'Hara Center of Performing Arts is located in Elk City, Oklahoma (where she's from!).

7. She currently lives in NYC.

I wonder if she missed the Big Apple while filming all over California for 13 Reasons Why?



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